EntropySoft Releases A New Oracle UCM Bidirectional Connector

With over 30 bi-directional connectors to many of the most-used enterprise content management systems, EntropySoft is helping organizations easily integrate the various technologies they use for content-centric applications.

Their newest connector is the EMC Documentum eRoom connector. Designed for version 7.x of eRoom, the connector enables you to read and write content in the eRoom repository, including to objects such as forums, tasks and projects.

As with all connectors, the connector is non-intrusive and there are no installation requirements for the eRoom server.

The EntropySoft Connector factory also includes connectors for HP TRIM, Oracle UCM, IBM WebSphere Portal Document Manager and Interwoven WorkSite. Plug-and-play EntropySoft connectors include major applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, FileNET P8, Open Text LiveLink and Interwoven TeamSite.

All connectors are written in Java and are accessible via Java or .Net and web services.

The EntropySoft connectors are OEMed through a number of solutions and partners, including search vendors like Endeca, and most recently eDiscovery vendor Kazeon. The latest OEM partnership is with Image Integration Systems, provider of the DocuSphere BPI solution.

Have a closer look at all the connectors on their website.