This week the GRC focuses on compliance and inserts a little web publishing for good measure.

Bloggers Anxious About Compliance

We reported earlier about the FTC’s decision to hold bloggers responsible for disclosing monies received for product endorsement. Well, as big of a step this is for a government agency to include the web-o-sphere into their regulatory issues, suffice it to say, some people aren’t so crazy about it.

That’s not to say that they don’t think bloggers should have to disclose what they receive from companies whose products they may write about. It’s more that everyone is a little worried (and generally annoyed) that they may get into trouble inadvertently.

It’s not very clear yet what is and isn’t to be disclosed, despite efforts from Richard Cleland, assistant director, division of advertising practices at the FTC, to dispel any rumors or misinformation (via FastCompany).

Entering the New Age of Compliance

Speaking of compliance, a new paper by Mimosa Systems examines the The New Age of Compliance -- including the current state of regulatory compliance, the impact of non-compliance, the current political environment and the shift in the compliance landscape and compliance enforcement.

Mimosa says that because there are no “unregulated” industries that can just “discard their business records with impunity.” Rather, there are heavily regulated industries and less heavily regulated industries. Therefore, all organizations must be compliant with some level of regulatory or legal obligation to preserve their business records.

Offering supporting research, the report aims to tackle all things compliance -- from the what’s and who’s to the how’s and why’s. While Mimosa makes a convincing argument, it also promotes their NearPoint platform as a solution.

Regardless of what records management tool you use, the report is worth checking out.

Greenview Data Announces Cloud-Based E-mail Archiving 

Greenview Data, Inc., provider of e-mail security and filtering solutions and developers of SpamStopsHere has announced the availability of its new RestorEmail in-the-cloud e-mail archiving solution.

Available in two editions, E-mail Archiving and Business Continuity, RestorEmail provides access of ongoing archival storage and real-time retrieval for crucial e-mail data. Such cloud-based access aims to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and aid in the recovery of e-mail data in the event of a disaster, like a fire or flood.

Pricing plans for the e-mail archiving edition starts at US$ 4.50 per user/month, while the business edition is just US$ 1.00 per user/month.