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The trend back to bigger families appears to be making its way into the enterprise software industry as IBM announces two additions and a strategic enhancement to its already impressive collection of enterprise content management gear. Before we talk about the newest additions to the 8.4 version of IBM's Content Management family of software, let's meet the current members.

Existing Enterprise CMS Offerings

* IBM Content Manager
The foundation of IBM's ECM offering provides an open platform intended to allow organizations to design and implement their own content management solution. * IBM Document Manager
Closely integrated with IBM Content Manager, Document Manager focuses on the effective management of document lifecycles. * IBM Content Manager OnDemand: The web-based administration client includes new support for LDAP along with storage and navigation management. * IBM Websphere Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE)
Much like Google's connector framework for the Google Search Appliance, the IBM Websphere IICE provides more than 20 pre-packaged connectors for integrating unstructured content from third party repositories. * IBM CommonStore
As the need to manage email and electronic communication becomes more important, CommonStore integrates with Lotus Domino 8.0 and Microsoft Exchange 2007 to insure compliance throughout an organizations messaging infrastructure.

New Enterprise CMS Offerings

* IBM Web Interface for Content Management (WEBi)
Not to be confused with the web-based administration client described above, this newly updated version of WEBi provides full access to an IBM Content Manager repository via a web browser. Utilizing a dynamic AJAX-ified interface built using the Dojo Toolkit, WEBi provides users the ability to not only search for and retrieve content but all combine and reuse existing content. * IBM FileNet Records Crawler
Records Crawler allows content to be processed based on a set of pre-defined rules. For example, documents dropped into a specific Windows folder can be automatically processed and migrated into IBM Content Manager without the need for manual intervention from the user. * IBM FileNet Business Process Management
The 8.4 version of the IBM Content Management suite will include functionality to help organizations leverage enhanced content management to improve business processes throughout the infrastructure. New BPM capabilities will automate many decisions that previously required input from a user. The company is taking content and information management increasingly seriously. When the 8.4 software versions hit the streets in Q4 of this year, Big Blue looks to be well positioned to live up its leadership role in the CM industry. For more info on IBM's ECM strategy, check the division's website.