Information Builders (news, site) offer business intelligence for enterprises, but can it transfer that data to the small screen of your smartphone successfully?

The Magic of BI

Having gotten a nod from Gartner in last month's BI Magic Quadrant, Information Builders moves its product to the mobile space with WebFOCUS Mobile BI, which launches this week. Using a browser-based approach, it can provide essential BI in a timely fashion to any user, on any device, providing the information they need. 

Using mobile browser technology and device auto detection, HTML 5 for charts, and the company's own Active Technology, the product works across all smartphones and tablets such as the iPad to offer reports and analytics to users.

Users can create dashboards, charts and web applications that can be viewed anywhere on any machine. The system is device-specific, so provides the best experience for each device from an iPhone to a Blackberry.

Your BI reports can look good on any device

Analyze on the Go

WebFOCUS BI Mobile will help to boost or replace the company's existing WebFOCUS Mobile Favorites that can send HTML, PDF or Excel reports to mobile users. BI Mobile comes with an embedded analytics engine, so users can work on the data and create new charts, or drill down, even when there is no network connection.

With more business users working on the go and forsaking desktop computing, getting data to those people is an essential task. WebFOCUS Mobile BI helps that work in a logical and consistent manner and it comes as part of the Active Technology package so if free for those users, if not there is a one-time licensing fee.