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At GearUp in London this week (the EU variant of the Stateside conference in April), Interwoven announced its acquisition of Optimost, which specializes in content optimization and real-time multivariable testing. Multivariable testing enables you to test out more than two types of processes -- means for displaying or promoting your product or content -- on your website. This process is a cut above AB testing, the process for testing one variable against another. Interwoven will pay US$ 52 million in cash for outstanding Optimost shares. New enhancements have also been made to Interwoven's Composite Application Provisioning (CAP), which automates the execution of customized web applications in a uniform manner. It also unites source info and deploys it on application servers like J2EE. Enhancements include support for .NET in addition to J2EE, as well as reinforced source code management and a prettier user interface.