Of late, law is getting a lot of help from the enterprise CMS side of the fence. Interwoven has just announced the availability of a solution for the legal world, which just today also earned a committed pledge from Open Text and Microsoft. But while OT and Microsoft focus on the document management and collaborative aspects of the lawful entanglement, Interwoven has devoted its energies to search. The new suite improves indexing for email, contracts and other documents, thereby simplifying the process for finding what you need. Icing on the cake? Hierarchical access privileges enable use of the platform on mobile phones. (We're going to blame the iPhone for this one.)The three solutions comprising Interwoven's new law suite include: * Omtool-Interwoven integration. This combination means more streamlined transition, and a more intuitive filing process, for both paper and e-documents. The process of trying to get both paper and electronic information in order for eDiscovery has been a recurring head-banger among those of us that aren't meticulous organizers. * Universal search (Professional Services Edition). The company admonishes us to consider it the "Google for law firms’ document management, records management, email archive, and time and billing systems." Well, when we think Google, we think speed, ease of use and a quick A-to-B process for finding what we need. * Enhanced email management via WorkSite 8.2. There are easier and quicker ways to manage your email filing process, and Interwoven's got the key to the magic cabinet (simple, straightforward metadata-tagging). The company promises elimination of the traditional "drag-and-drop filing method." In a kind of reverse osmosis, the three-tiered suite is geared to law firms but expected to find its way into the enterprise IT world. This is because, in an enterprise atmosphere still reeling from SOX and eDiscovery, law firms aren't the only companies suffering from complex regulatory compliance issues. Today, even small firms need an organized (and anal-retentive) solution for logging and tracking documents. Additionally, those documents need to be easy to access in a snap - especially when time comes for an audit. Organization isn't the only issue. A world post-Google means organizations don't just want a more powerful solution; they want one that's easier to use, too. For those who know all too well that time means money, a new solution needs to be so easy to learn, execute and understand (at a glance, no less) that a child could do it. Like Open Text, Interwoven has a long history developing law-oriented solutions. Because of this experience, coupled with a knack for providing simple solutions for complex problems, its WorkSite solution was selected by global law firm Salans earlier this month. The company doesn't rest. Just last month, still reeling from a quarterly revenue jump and a growing cadre of employees, the firm nailed some new digs in San Jose. You've got to hand it to a firm that makes transitions look easy. Check out the company's solutions at the Interwoven solutions site.