Knowledge Tree DMS
Cape-Town vendor Knowledge Tree has just released KnowledgeTreeLive, which offers users document management in a web browser on an on-demand basis. The new subscriber-based service gives users the opportunity to harness KnowledgeTree CMS capabilities in a secure online environment, without going to the trouble of installing and maintaining the software on-site. Features include: * Document management * Collaboration features such as document versioning and auditing, metadata and content * searching, workflow tracking * Tagging and tag clouds * RSS feeds support and email triggers * Built using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure and rPath, if you're really that interested. KnowledgeTree runs off PHP * No premise software to install/maintain. Ideal if you run your business out of cyber cafes The product is aimed at small/medium businesses or equivalent, and will cost users US$ 30 per month per user (minimum 5 users). You can take a trial run here. So why do you need this product? Why not just go and download the software version? Daniel Chalef, COO of KnowledgeTree, explains:
“We believe that a significant number of users of the free on-premise software would prefer to utilize a cost-effective hosted document management solution. Being open source means that our customers have peace of mind that they won't be locked in to a proprietary service."
KnowledgeTree promises to secure, share, track and manage the documents and records you depend on. The product is renowned as an effective low-cost alternative to more touted CMS vendors, particularly for those requiring less extensive solutions. This is not to say that the software is not scalable to larger problems; I'm sure you could coordinate a mission to Mars with it; it's just that offering sensible-scale CMS to smaller enterprises is where they have found their niche thus far. The software is open-source, and leverages the obvious advantages of a willing on-line community to keep its product razor-sharp. So enthusiastically has KnowledgeTree embraced the open-source ethos that in July it released all of its documentation, developer guides and marketing materials under a Creative Commons contribution license.