Jahia Simplifies Multi Source Content Management with Content Bus
Jahia's (news, site) United Content Bus has been launched at the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco, tying all of a company's content together via a single interface. 

Ride the Content Bus

Users of Jahia's new Enterprise Edition v6 (not the open source Community Edition) can now access almost all of an enterprise's content from a single interface -- the United Content Bus. Any content can be managed including documents and images, and used within social applications, portlets as well as widgets, gadgets and RSS feeds.

Using a range of connectors, Jahia's United Content Bus can interact with data from most ECM systems and document repositories including; Alfresco, EMC Documentum, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM FileNet, Interwoven, SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle Stellent and others. Getting all of these disparate and proprietary mechanisms to talk together is handled thanks to EntropySoft's specialist connectors.

For the larger enterprise with many legacy systems and much content traveling between them, this makes the United Content Bus a practical method of accessing, editing and managing the data.

As Elie Auvray, CEO and co-founder of Jahia puts it, “Thanks to our common vision and complementary technologies, integrating EntropySoft connectors with Jahia United Content Bus was a natural fit, Jahia now delivers the first and most complete proprietary and standard content integration offering in the industry, confirming our leadership in the Web Content Management market.”


Mix and Match Content

The Content Bus allows information from any source to be placed within web pages and information taken from sites and transferred back to documents or re-purposed.


Jahia can now accept data from many sources

Other benefits include; easier workflow as users only need to visit the one application to work on a range of content, site design will speed up as all the content will be handled in a single location and the number of tools and applications required to build them will be reduced.

At a practical level, end-users will be soon able to instantly update their blog entries from within, say, Google Apps (or indirectly through their mobile devices). When posting a blog entry from an email client to the website, it could also directly generate a tweet or have it re-posted to another blogging system.

Jahia Enterprise Edition v6 was launched last month and has undergone many changes with improved system support, portlets and mashups. It is available through an annual subscription or perpetual license. There are four versions of the Enterprise Edition to cover various requirements and budgets. The free, open source, Community Edition does not include United Content Bus, but offers an easier route into CMS.