Kiersted Systems Launches Mobile eDiscovery Services
It's no secret that regulatory policies often dictate the way that information can be accessed, shared or otherwise managed. Internationally-based companies face challenges posed by privacy laws, like the U.S. Patriot Act and the EU Data Protection Directive, which prohibits the transportation of electronically stored data from the U.S and Europe.

Kiersted Systems has addressed this issue by launching a mobile service for processing electronic discovery data. Prompted by such challenges, Kiersted's mobile processing capability allows companies to perform eDiscovery wherever clients may be: down the street, across the country or around the globe.

Solving the Global eDiscovery Challenge

Like Clearwell Systems before it, who back in February launched Clearwell Mobile, a web-based management tool aimed at solving "the global eDiscovery challenge" Kiersted/Systems is also focused on delivering "high-powered processing" simply and securely.

Companies are under lots of pressure and scrutiny to play by the rules while trying to effectively manage clients and their eDiscovery needs. With Kiersted's mobile solution, organizations can meet deadlines while mitigating risk and avoiding fines and penalties.

With many globally renowned customers themselves, Kiersted has demonstrated their commitment to thinking globally within their eDiscovery services. Their back-end databases and network resources are fully Unicode-compliant -- enabling data to process in most languages.

Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Web

The mobile web is here and its uses go far beyond infotainment and social networking.

In pursuit to save time and money, as well as streamline the flow of information, the mobile web is on the brink of innovation and productivity within the enterprise.