Cemaphore Systems, MailShadow for Google Apps, Outlook
Cemaphore Systems wants to reshape the way you manage and protect your e-mail content. Their MailShadow for Google Apps (MailShadowG) sets out to do so by immediately synchronizing email, calendars and contacts between Outlook, Exchange and Gmail, making it the first SaaS email continuity and disaster recovery solution utilizing the Google Apps cloud-based services. With MailShadowG, these business-critical services are now affordable and accessible to end users, SMBs and enterprises. MailShadowG provides a unified view of e-mail, calendars, and contacts for enterprises, SMBs, and consumers that use Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Gmail. It does this by leveraging the functionality of the enterprise version of MailShadow, thereby providing any e-mail user with continuity, content management, and portability of their rich email. MailShadow’s transaction-based architecture synchronizes all content bi-directionally in real-time. Content is protected and can be viewed transparently from Outlook or via Google’s web interfaces for Gmail, contacts and Google Calendar. Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google’s hosted mail services will also let smaller businesses reap the benefits of a fully protected e-mail environment without the IT resources and sophistication required to implement the non-hosted Exchange solution. Email continuity, archiving and management will be available to them while retaining full compatibility with Outlook. "The ability to integrate Outlook and Gmail will be extremely useful for a large number of users," said Michael Osterman, founder of Osterman Research, Inc. "Outlook is the most widely used messaging client in the workplace according to our research, and Gmail is widely used for both work and personal email, as well as calendaring and contact information. Integrating these two very popular systems will benefit a wide range of users and organizations." For enterprises, the ability to eliminate the infrastructure, hardware, co-location facilities, and management of internal mail systems that are currently required to ensure continuous messaging up time should be a major advantage. SMBs will now have access to the same type of continuity, disaster recovery and support that the largest enterprises depend upon. These SaaS-based solutions will be available in coming months through a monthly subscription. While the first version of MailShadowG serves Gmail customers, Cemaphore plans to provide SaaS-based MailShadow for other key Email Service Providers as well. If MailShadowG sounds like your thing, Cemaphore is launching a beta program for users from any size company large or small. If you'd like to sign up, registration is at the Cemaphore website.