Many of us these days are Google lovers, including MediaBeacon (news, site), who just announced that the next release of their Digital Asset Management suite will utilize the latest version of the Google Web Toolkit.

The Google Web Toolkit aims to do handy things like make it easier for developers to build faster apps and to speed up the overall development cycle. For MediaBeacon, the incorporation aims at four specific areas:

  • User Experience: This one is stock. With the kit customers to change their environments in a reported 30 minutes.
  • Portability: Thanks to Google's popularity, the solution will be supported by all major operating systems and internet browers.
  • Open and Easy: MediaBeacon customer can now plug-and-play into a widget environment. For example, a user can now add Google Docs as a widget into a MediaBeacon environment.
  • Scalability: MediaBeacon reports better server scalability and network efficiencies because of how Google Web Toolkit serves up the widgets in a client's workspace.

"Google Web Tooklit radically improves the web experience for users by allowing developers to create exactly what MediaBeacon has done in the next release of their product," said Andrew Bowers, Product Manager for GWT for Google. "We are pleased about MediaBeacon using our web framework in an enterprise solution with such a rich user experience."

MediaBeacon DAM 3.0 is scheduled to ship at the end of this year, but if you're dying to get more information before then, hit up the webcast about the implementation on December 17th.