Muse Creates a Connector for Oracle Enterprise Search
If you use Oracle's Enterprise Search product and would like to see it integrate searches from a wider variety of sources then you are in luck. MuseGlobal is offering a solution called MuseConnect for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search that lets you tap into a much wider range of content sources without leaving the safety of Oracle search itself. The new connector will integrate the MuseGlobal Source Factory, which includes a library of over 5500 pre-built source connectors, with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. What this will do is add a number of new content sources that are industry-specific and/or subscription based. Some of the new sources include: * Wikis * Blogs * Subscription-based * Web-mining applications * Data feeds MuseGlobal normalizes the results and delivers them through the Oracle platform. The initial offering is being made to specific verticals including financial services, legal, healthcare, education and research. When implemented, the connector can also be customized further to the organization. Much of the content in an organization is secure, so it's good to know that MuseConnect incorporates it's Secure Access Management tool. This tool helps build on the Oracle security model and ensures that you only get to see what you are allowed. MuseGlobal is another one of those solution providers who made the list of innovators for KMWorld Trendsetters 2008.