IT management software company CA (news, site), along with interactive marketing company Acxiom have set out to produce an enterprise class, cloud-based information governance solution. This new partnership aims to tap into the blossoming eDiscovery market by providing a solution that both companies say cannot be beaten for value.

The timing of this announcement is interesting considering Arkansas-based Acxiom is just about to release its Q1 figures, which it has already indicated in June would be close to 21% lower than Q1 last year.

Market Realities

Acxiom’s figures are interesting not so much because of the amount of money involved, but because one of the principal reasons they are citing for income decline.

According to a statement issued in June, “The outlook for revenue in the near term remains challenging  [as we] continue to feel the effects of market consolidation, as well as clients continuing to defer decisions on their marketing spending or canceling programs . . ."

In other words, marketing budgets are getting tighter, consolidation is the latest buzz word and realistically speaking revenues are not going to dramatically improve in the near future. Refreshingly honest.

This is not to say there are any financial issues in those figures; Acxiom is only taking a realistic and calculated view of what is actually happening across multiple industries in which it operates.

Integrated Cloud Solution

Speaking of consolidation then, or in this case integration, the new cloud-based solution available from the Axciom-CA partnership aims to simply compliance and eDiscovery issues through unified management and access to enterprise assets via a single, virtual policy engine.

The partnership enables customers to leverage core competencies from both companies -- CA's Information Governance software solution and Acxiom's secure enterprise-class infrastructure.

CA Records Manager enables users to control all content across the system, and enables rapid and easy discovery of all documents regardless of where they are stored. Acxiom provides the infrastructure to do this.

Features include:

  • Automated rules for content and email declaration
  • Single eDiscovery interface and workflow for enterprise content
  • Federated search, eDiscovery and legal hold
  • Retention management for records and work in process documents (non-records)
  • Flexible time and event-based scheduling
  • Repository integrity checking
  • Circulation tracking

Much of the promotional material focuses on how cost-effective the new solution will be and how it will make life easier for anyone involved with eDiscovery processes. If you decide to try out let us know what you think.