VNstein to integrate image-based search engine
To enable users of their digital publishing solution the ability to conduct faster, more accurate image searches, enterprise content management provider, Nstein (news, site), will integrate the Imprezzeo image-based search engine with its Text Mining and search products.

Content Based Image Retrieval

Currently, when a user searches a collection of images for a particular image, they are presented with an unmanageable number of pages to trawl through in order to find the right picture. Using Imprezzeo, the user can refine an initial result set by selecting a sample set that resembles what they are looking for.

Imprezzeo Image Search is the first image recognition and search product to use both content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and facial recognition (FR), allowing users to use images to search for images, rather than textual search terms.

By focusing on the centralization, management and automated indexing of digital assets, this solution will enable Nstein's content-driven customer base to reduce operational costs and identify new revenue streams.

Search Results Through Sample Images

The technology generates image search results that closely match a sample image either chosen by the user from an initial set of search results that can then be refined, or from an image uploaded by the user.

Designed to easily integrate with leading enterprise search, content management and digital asset management systems, the Imprezzeo package provides a total image search solution. They provide a software development kit (SDK), access to Imprezzeo developer resources and dedicated technical support.

"At Nstein, we are committed to connecting people to relevant and valuable content," said Luc Filiatreault, President and CEO of Nstein Technologies. "Imprezzeo's Image Search product will offer our customers new tools to efficiently manage and publish their images."

View a demo of Imprezzeo Image Search in action or read more about Nstein's digital publishing solutions on their website.