Nuxeo Open Source ECM
Nuxeo this week has chalked up a significant achievement for their open source ECM project. Following rather closely to their Oct. 2006 release of Nuxeo Core v1.0, the company has released the first of "stable" (aka "production-ready") version of Nuxeo EP 5.0. They continue their mission of making the system easy to use and flexible for both contributors and system integrators alike. Their motto is "Not just a product, a platform." Nuxeo ECM solutions are built on the experience accumulated over the past 5 years by the Nuxeo team and their community members, as they've developed the product and implemented a number CM solutions. Deployment scenarios to date include web content management, document management, records management, and collaboration workflows. Core platform functionality includes: * Full document lifecycle, including versioning, check-in/check-out, etc. * Access rights management * Workflow, including document approval * Relations between documents * Audit trails * Drag 'n drop document management inside the web browser * Desktop and office suite integration using plugins for IE, Firefox and MS Office Supported Enterprise Content Management operations include: * Document Management * Collaboration * Compliance * Records Management * Business Process Management * Business Rules Management * Retention Management * Indexing and Search * File Transformation Technical highlights include: * Based on Nuxeo's embeddable ECM core * Based on modern Java EE 5 technologies, including the Java Content Repository (JCR) * Fully extensible using an extension points and plugin system, very similar to the Eclipse plugin system * Uses XML schemas (XSD) as the schema language for defining content types. The Nuxeo 5.0 ECM solution is available in two editions that share components, but target different functional areas. * Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP) is a server-side platform intended to create large ECM applications * Nuxeo Rich Client Platform (RCP) is a framework, based on Eclipse RCP and Microsoft Office, to create desktop applications related to document management or collaboration The company is not the only one to see value in the open source Enterprise CMS space. Alfresco, who's founders have deep roots in Enterprise Content Management, is another accomplished open source ECM provider that has been making solid progress with their platform. Recent news from their side includes the release of a Packt Press Book on Alfresco implementation, a partnership for publisher ECM, and the introduction of Embeddable Alfresco. Nuxeo is open source software, licensed under business-friendly EPL and/or LGPL terms. Additional information and free downloads of the software are available here.