Alfresco, an open source Enterprise Content Management solutions provider, announced that they now have an OEM agreement with Easypress Technologies for their new Atomik Dynamic Publisher product. The duo also leverage QuarkXPress, delivering a new breed of publishing solutions. John Powell, CEO of Alfresco Software Inc., said in a statement, “Alfresco is recognized in the market as the leading open source enterprise content management solution and is rapidly becoming the open source ECM of choice for publishing. The domain knowledge that Easypress Technologies bring is critical to continuing our significant momentum in the publishing market. We see Atomik Dynamic Publisher as our leading collaborative publishing solution, building upon the strengths of Alfresco’s OEM server technology.” James Macfarlane, founder of Easypress Technologies, went on to say, “At the heart of Atomik Dynamic Publisher, launched last month, are two platform products; Alfresco’s leading content management Enterprise Server and QuarkXPress Server 7.” Macfarlane said of the partnership: “We have combined these two product platforms to form one of the leading collaborative publishing solutions available today for remote browser-based editing of QuarkXPress documents.” To further outline the OEM agreement, Macfarlane said, “As part of the underling strength of our Atomik Dynamic Publisher solution we have tightly integrated the core strengths of Alfresco into each of our collaborative publishing applications. Alfresco provides us with a flexible J2EE platform to support document and content management, workflow, collaboration and document version control from within Atomik Dynamic Publisher in a flexible yet simple to operate way.” Atomik Dynamic Publisher is available right now in the UK, Europe and North America and can be ordered via Easypress. In the meantime, more information can also be obtained from the Atomik Dynamic Publisher fact sheet (PDF). Alfresco Software, Inc. was founded in 2005 and since then, the company has received many awards, including the Red Herring 100, KMWorld Trend-Setting Product Award, OSBC Emerging Elite Award and the eContent 100 - Intranets and Portals Award. Although they have only been in business a short time, they have certainly been on our radar, as we've covered their jump into the ODF Alliance, new software developments, and even their humble beginnings.