Nuxeo DM SaaD

Let's take another trip to the cloud, shall we? Yes, the adage may be old: to cloud or not to cloud? The open source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo (news, site) solved this poetic dilemma and took its document management product to the cloud.

Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition, now available as SaaS, promises security and reliability, among other things.

While many organizations still seem to shy away from SaaS for many obvious reasons, Nuxeo is sure that it can address “the needs of organizations that want to benefit from a proven ready-to-go ECM solution without the related IT constraints and costs.”

On Cloud Nine?

Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition is ready to support your hosted document management, sharing and collaboration activities -- all encrypted using SHTTP. The vendor claims to provide “the first full-scale ECM solution for document management and collaboration available as a service.” Wait, didn't we hear a similar claim from DocuLex as well as Xythos in the past?

Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition takes advantage of the Nuxeo Cloud Services infrastructure (leveraging Amazon Web Services), which enables any application based on Nuxeo's ECM platform to be cloud-friendly.

Learning Opportunities

One of the palpable advantages of Nuxeo DM Cloud Edition is automatic backups of data onto a redundant array of disks in the data center.

Is The Cloud Calling Your Name?

There seem to be some potential benefits with Nuxeo DM as SaaS. Nuxeo’s pricing starts at 400 EUR per month at the Project bundle level. However, consider all options carefully before making a decision. Start with a free trial, perhaps.

Cloud infrastructure can be cheaper. But do consider the TCO for long-term projects.

SaaS can be especially useful during peak times as additional support to (and/or instead of)  your own infra. Alternatively, you can move 100% to the cloud. But can you really? The question is whether your organization is ready for the life in the cloud.