The first release from StreamServe following its US$ 71 million acquisition by OpenText sees StreamServe’s Persuasion software being added to Open Text’s enterprise content management suite, which will offer users customized messaging as well as advanced document processing.

OpenText StreamServe Persuasion 5 enables companies to personalize mass marketing messaging for targeted customer groups as well as offer them the possibly of addressing responses to those original messages from call centers.

Persuasion 5

This is also supported by the ability to offer personalized documents by providing easy-to-use tools for users who need to create documents to back-up the marketing message they are delivering in the first place.

Citing the example of a Customer Communications Management, OpenText says that with Persuasion 5 they will be able to direct data to potential customers and to decide how and what content is included in customer correspondence and touch points.

In addition to this, it automatically places all documents related to the process into the workflow eliminating the manual handling of documents and the errors that go with it.

The purpose of Persuasion is to engage with customers. So you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a function of customer relationship management systems rather than a component of an ECM system.

OpenText’s Social ECM

However, OpenText has been developing the social side of its ECM for a long time. As early as the middle of 2009 it added OpenText Social Media, which may help conservative organizations to warm up to social media.

That offered a set of tools for collaboration, discussions, blogs and wikis with the same set of security, compliance and archiving policies used for management of corporate e-mail, for example.

Just like its competition, OpenText was also looking out for workers on the go. The social media tool can be accessed via native mobile applications for Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry. The mobile client is based on a persistence model, so server sync-up is part of the deal, allowing for actions similar to BlackBerry offline email.

And the release of Persuasion 5 appears to be a part of that development, which also saw it releasing key integrations between its eDocs Edition document management software and its Social Workplace software in August of last year.

Persuasion 5 underlines the idea of an ECM for everything in the workplace (and mobile as Persuasion is mobile too). The advantages of this kind of thinking are obvious here. For the most part, CRM’s are limited to marketing or sales people in an enterprise, but by attaching it to the company’s ECM everyone gets to use it as needs be.

Enhanced Customer Communications

With little or no change to existing processes, Persuasion has the ability to consolidate data from business systems into smarter, more cost-effective internal and external business communications. Features include:

  • Familiar design environments for quick development and deployment of correspondence templates
  • Easy document creation using web-based tools on the fly
  • Duplication of customer documents placed in the repository for easy access by enterprise users
  • Fast, high volume production of documents in any required format

Businesses are seeking ways to automatically generate customer correspondence . . . These solutions need to integrate tightly with both the ECM and the customer's enterprise applications. Since both StreamServe and OpenText were already strong partners with SAP, this newly acquired offering is a very good fit with Open Text's ECM Suite,” Melissa Webster, program vice president at IDC said.

OpenText and StreamServe

Open Text bought StreamServe -- a Burlington, Mass.-based provider of Enterprise Document Presentment products last October, falling into the OpenText ECM Suite’s automated business processes management fold, while also opening the door for OTEX to the Scandinavian market.

On top of that, another possibility is to utilize StreamServe’s Composition Center software application for greater content re-use, CCM (Component Content Management), all things DITA, data extraction and multiple formats of content output. However, for the moment we have Persuasion 5, which is already available and on general release.