OpenText Adds E-Learning Via Operitel Acquisition
ECM and BPM giant OpenText will now be able to offer learning and training tools to customers via its latest deal to acquire a fellow Canadian firm.

Learning, Sharing

The M&A activity keeps on rolling with OpenText picking up Operitel Corp. for its e-Learning management expertise that will be bolted into OpenText products in the future. Operitel offers solutions, primarily based around its LearnFlex product, that include social and mobile learning management with SharePoint integration for advanced levels of engagement.

Operitel celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and has, and will continue to, offer electronic learning to enterprises, government and the education market, among others. From project management to business analysis, governance and other hot topics, it can help teach large or distributed workforces the latest lessons across these and other fields.

SharePoint Success

With LearnFlex, trainers are able to create, manage, schedule, monitor and summarize group training efforts. All of these features will be added to OpenText products, expanding their value to customers. LearnFlex recently picked up a Brandon Hall Learning Technology award and is a Microsoft partner.

LearnFlex is built on the .NET platform and can be used within SharePoint environments, something that OpenText BPM solutions also work with. Bolt the two together and you should get a more compelling offering for businesses.

Both companies have Canadian origins but are now global enterprises, with Operitel having offices in China, Australia and Brazil.