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Oracle Universal Content Management clients must feel a warm rush of excitement hearing that Clay Tablet, an integrator of content management technologies and translation systems/providers will support connectivity to the Oracle CMS.With the help of Clay Tablet, Oracle CMS clients will now be able to connect to translation providers such as SDL's TMS, across Language Server or Language Weaver's SMTS. This move is great for Oracle as it helps their enterprise clients build multi-lingual websites more easily, but it’s also great news for Clay Tablet as it demonstrates their ability to offer their services in the enterprise space with high translation volumes and potentially complex IT environments. This connectivity applies not only to the Oracle Universal Content Management system but also to the Stellent Universal Content Management System version 7.5.1 and up. Interested in learning more about Clay Tablet? Attend their webinar on March 18 “Introduction to Translation Efficiency”. Make sure you attend Oracle’s Conference within a Conference to learn more about the Oracle and Stellent Universal Content Management Solutions. It’s very likely you will see Clay Tablet representatives there demonstrating their integrated solution.