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Clay Tablet does one simple thing: connects any Translation Provider to any Content Management System. Of course that's not such a simple thing after all, which is why its customers include organizations like the U.N., the Government of Qatar, and Société Générale. The company has just launched a Software as a Service version of the Clay Tablet product enabling customers to forgo implementation costs and simply get cracking with the translation middleware straight away. And the SaaS version is touted as having the same All CMS : All Translator connectivity as its licensed stablemate. "This is not a stripped down, light-weight or crippled version." according to Robinson Kelly, CEO of Clay Tablet. "It’s the identical, robust and proven architecture that powers our enterprise-class, licensed solutions used by Fortune 1000 clients world wide." The product is aimed primarily at SMB's, but larger-scale customers haven't been forgotten. Clay Tablet SaaS leverages elastic cloud technologies to enable scalability to 'any volume of translation' and a wide range of pricing options will reflect this spread. Pricing starts at $250 per month. Still confused about the whole Clay Tablet thing? There was a webinar to explain it, but you already missed it -- it was on this morning. Boo!! Maybe if we ask nicely they'll publish the video on the website. But, for the terminally confused, here's a nice summation from the company itself of just what they do:
"Imagine just clicking a "translate" button in your CMS and knowing that your content was automatically being routed to the translators of your choosing. Imagine having a dashboard you could access anytime that would show where your content is, and what is happening with it. Imagine having your content arrive, back in your CMS, ready to be approved. "
Smashing. Go to Clay Tablet to learn more.