Oracle Upgrades CRM, Enhances Enterprise Forecasting Abilities
At a time when Gartner (news, site) predicts companies will become obsessed with measuring the ROI of IT investments, Oracle (news, site) has just upgraded its cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) to include advanced business analytics and forecasting abilities to better measure and increase enterprise productivity.

The emphasis with this new version of its customer relationship management system is on making money, or maximizing the potential to make money. And while Oracle says the new features will enhance productive selling time, the real value is the ‘deep’ information about the enterprise and its partners that it provides.

Enhanced Enterprise Forecasting

That information can come from many sources and channels. However, the bottom line here is the ability for enterprises to not only makes general forecasts about future enterprise performance, but to give in-depth analysis of what channels are performing well.

Although there are a number of other upgrades, it is the forecasting abilities have really taken a step forward. Release 17 is now able to take historical and current forecasts, put them together with real time information and make new forecasts of ideal-world scenarios, actual achievements and quota forecasts.

Oracle_CRM 17_Forecasting_2010.jpg

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17. Advanced enterprise performance forecasting

It also aims to pull all the information covering the productivity of teams and team members together including what each team member is contributing to revenues and who amongst enterprise partners are performing.

Oracle_CRM 17 _Partner Analytics_2010.jpg

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17: Partner analytics

Digging deep, it analyzes current and future deal registrations, fund and sales pipelines and in doing so enables users to identify top-performing partners and how they will perform in the future.

User Enhancements

Behind all this are a number of new user enhancements that make the cloud-based Release 17 more user-friendly. The new interface has increased the amount of information that can be displayed with users able to customize it for size and easy navigation to specified information.

The interface acts as a head-up display. This is customizable by the user making lists easier to manage and presents all the information about partners or clients on a single screen through which users can mine as deep as they need for the information they require.

Data migration has also been enhanced with automated data loading and migration. On one hand is Oracle Data Loader On Demand, which enables users to move large quantities of information around Release 17, and on the other, Oracle Migration Tool On Demand can export and import configuration details from one Release 17 environment to another.

Other new usability features include:

  • Automation of business process through workflows
  • New HTML editor for email marketing tool
  • Customizable client contact pages

Release 17 also comes with support for three additional languages including Portuguese and Norwegian on top of the 17 that it already supports. Oracle has also released an edition specifically for the life sciences.