Prizm Viewer v8
Pegasus Imaging Corporation, a digital imaging vendor, released a new version of Prizm Viewer -- the browser-based image viewer. With Prizm Viewer v8 users can navigate, view, annotate and share images, CAD and PDF files residing in document management or Enterprise CMS's via a web browser. The software works with numerous image formats and includes powerful administrative tools for user interface customization, deployment and annotation storage. These features can be especially useful for document-intensive industries such as financial services, healthcare, law, manufacturing, design and architecture. Another benefit of Prizm Viewer is that it can be integrated with Enterprise CMS’s. According to Pegasus, the viewer has been integrated by customers with Oracle, FileNet, Documentum and other systems to deliver documents stored in the ECM repositories. Prizm Viewer v8 is available with or without PDF support for single users, for deployment on virtual servers, or for distribution via a web license.

Prizm Viewer Features

Prizm Viewer offers a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to view dozens of image formats through Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers, make shared annotations on the documents, work with large images, navigate using thumbnails and search PDF documents. Document management systems are used with Prizm Viewer via the web to enforce access and usage rights. Here are some additional Prizm Viewer v8 capabilities: * Single interface for any image format * Users can view TIFF, PDF, CAD, JPEG, BMP, PNG and other formats with improved speed and display quality. * Extensive annotation features with greater flexibility in attaching comments to documents, including PDF. * Greater ease of use with user-configurable toolbars and custom scripted buttons, tables of contents, docking windows, more keyboard and mouse controls. * Large image support for viewing and printing large documents like engineering drawings and maps. * PDF text search with search results highlighted.

Powerful Administrator Tools

IT administrators can use Prizm Viewer as the cornerstone of enterprise solutions for document delivery and collaboration. They can package groups of documents for users, control the user viewing experience, centrally store annotations and build collaborative document workflows. Additional features include: * Flexible Deployments: Software can be downloaded and installed from a single file. Administrators may also push installations without user prompting, or offer installation from a web page. * Image Integrity Preservation: Annotations can be stored separately on the web server, without modifying the original document files. This allows users to collaborate, but in a manner that does not directly affect original images. * Customized Appearance: Extensive configuration options let the administrator customize toolbars, menus, initial display settings and more. Curious to learn more? Technical specifications for administrators and a trial download can be found here.