Irish firm pTools (news, site) has been hard at work on its new cloud WCM suite, spending three years and a million euros on the project.

System6 Calls from the Cloud

PTool's System5 launched back in 2006, and the .NET framework-based system has made it through five years of updates. But things move on, and now, after three years of development, a new cloud-based WCM successor is here, launching today. 

Developed to take advantage of the lower costs of cloud computing and the ease in which systems can be scaled, it gives enterprise users a launch-and-go development environment, free of setup hassles, to help deploy and maintain sites within hours rather than after days of prep work.

Inside System6

System6 brings together many elements that may have been separate or not even on the scene in previous or rival systems. For example, there's a DAM tool, forms management and others, accessible from one interface.

With a cloud-based system, interoperability with existing services and applications is vital and System6 offers SharePoint access and can synchronize SharePoint documents with your web content. There is also integration with social networks and the ability to publish to mobile devices and reuse the same content across multiple sites.


pTools System 6

CMS Designer Looking Good

The CMS Designer offers a new way for admins to design a solution that suits their needs. Currently users can choose the components for a bespoke system, making for a more streamlined and flexible environment. And, pTools is promising more customization and flexibility in the future.

PTools System6 has upped its game in terms of usability, too, with end-to-end workflow controls, content security, SEO optimization, form creation and standards compliance. For admins, there are audit trails, content compliance rules and with backup and disaster recovery built-in to the cloud infrastructure.

With its recently opened Canadian office, pTools is thinking global with this new release. Visit the company site to request a demo. Pricing was not revealed.