Xerox Looks To Restore Order In The Court With Paper-Less Solution

Xerox, in partnership with two other companies, has released new paperless solutions that will streamline paper handling in the legal profession. One new product will import hardcopy legal case files into digital folders with Xerox DocuShare. As a result, workflows surrounding court proceedings will be more efficient and eco-friendly.

The DocuShare system generates a preset collection of DocuShare folders to store critical information. Then, the software system notifies users of the court network when a new case is in the system. This new system from Xerox and WaterWare Internet Services alleviates the need to keep and store hard copy documents and expedites the process to produce legal documents under short notice.

Another new solution is Xerox DocuShare's integration with CaseHomePage, a product from partner ExtraAccess Service, Inc. With CaseHomepage, law offices can create an Internet site that houses pertinent legal documents in an organized manner. Attorneys, with the new system, can send files securely and affordably via the web, eliminating the need to use couriers or secure mail.

Xerox is working hard to streamline the day-to-day operation of law offices by alleviating a major headache: paper based filing and management. Does your organization have any experience with Xerox's DocuShare? Has the product been as useful as your organization originally hoped?