This post is brought to you by the number 36 and the company SpringCM (news, site), providers of on-demand document management and workflow solutions.

Today the company announced the latest version of their content management platform. Major highlights in the 36 new features and enhancements include custom dashboards, enhanced document rules and solution packaging.


Last time we checked in with these guys they were busy doing things like promoting their SharePoint connector and adding Web applications specifically built for small businesses.

SpringCM’s equation almost always equals the same thing: SaaS and is where it’s at. Accordingly, the new updates speak to the same notion by enhancing management reporting, process automation and solutions deployment.

“SpringCM continues to pave the way for organizations who want to make ECM truly effective for the end users,” said Dan Carmel, CEO, SpringCM. “Our dashboard enhancements enable end users and managers to make more effective business decisions, while solutions packaging makes it easier than ever to share best practices with or between organizations. Together the enhancements enable a new level of capability and management for content centric applications and demonstrate how SpringCM and SaaS enable rapid, significant innovation that brings substantial new value to customers and partners alike.”

Let’s take a closer look:

SpringCM’s New Look

Custom Dashboards

This feature is for all you visual kids. Any SpringCM custom report can now be displayed as part of a dashboard, and users may choose from various different display layout options. Users can also take advantage of real-time insights into content processes and the status of individual or group metrics.

It appears that SpringCM is positioning this particular feature as their strongest point of the new release, and with the involvement of popular players like real-time results and metrics, we can understand why.

Learning Opportunities

Enhanced Document Rules

Document Rules was first introduced back in 2008, and has since become a popular feature for the automation of document processes. The new rule types allow a document rule to notify another system of changes to documents in the SpringCM repository.Think:An ERP system can now be notified when an invoice is approved for payment or a CRM system can be notified when a new customer fax or e-mail is received, etc.

Solution Packaging

Also from 2008, application cloning enables entire configured applications to be duplicated and distributed to new customers, or to divisions within a company. Solution Packaging ups the game by allowing users to create custom “packages” of specific features.

Consistency of Numbers

SpringCM is certainly not the only company whose equation for success equals SaaS. KnowledgeTree is just one out of a grab bag full of teams with the same idea. Their on-demand, SaaS, open source document management system, KnowledteTreeLive, recently unveiled aMicrosoft Office add-in along with the ability to integrate with Zoho Writer. The Zoho integration enables users to access and edit documents remotely without desktop software.

In another corner of the enterprise document world Xythos continues to brew its own recipe for success. Xythos on Demand (XOD) is the name, SaaS document management is the game. The solution goes back to 2006 and, as Jim Till, CMO of Xythos once said, continues to "support mixed data center environments, Mac desktops and any form of app server, database or storage configuration customers want."

Competition sure is stiff. Keep track of SpringCM here and let's see how they do.