Tactic Asset Management Now Supports Oracle DB, Enterprise Applications

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TACTIC is a digital asset management (DAM) software system from Toronto-based Southpaw Technology (news, site). The software company cut its teeth providing asset management solutions for the entertainment industry -- specifically game developers and film production firms. With their newly announced support for Oracle's database, the Southpaw team is betting that the heavy demands that media and entertainment clients put on a DAM platform will translate into a robust solution for the broader Enterprise CMS market as well.

Game Designers Driving DAM Innovation?

The company apparently reasons that the demands that the average global business puts on a DAM are similar in nature to a media production environment, where managing thousands of assets across departments on multi-year projects is common-place.

While a traditional global business may not need Southpaw's support for next generation render pipelines, production pipelines could quickly re-fitted to apply to any other deliverable. Being a completely Web-based application, TACTIC integrates well with legacy applications, allowing Oracle or any other database's content to be viewed and managed within a standard browser.

TACTIC's origins are evident in the stunning user interface. Here is a look at the work-flow manager:


TACTIC Digital Asset Managment (DAM) User Interface

Learning Opportunities

But will TACTIC, as amazing as it is to look at, be able to deliver for the global businesses they are wooing with their new Oracle integration? The laundry list of features is impressive, and with media content more in-demand than ever, Tactic seems well placed.

Here are some of the highlights, from a full list of features:

  • A customizable, dynamic Web-based interface, adaptable by user, function, department or by project
  • Full Oracle and PostgreSQL Support allows file access in any SQL database, including Oracle
  • Access and Security control who has access to which files and information
  • Support for Legacy Systems and Data integration. TACTIC integrates with any legacy application and customizes the interface to improve access to mission critical data
  • Load Balancing – Balance server loads to ease file access and boost server performance - Support for Terabytes of Data – Track, manage and store thousands of complex files - Automatic naming conventions
  • Automate file naming to simplify asset storage and retrieval -
  • A transaction System that automates tracking of all database and file system interactions in a transactional manner
  • Dependency Snapshot allows for creation of a snapshot of all asset dependencies at a given point in time with roll back to ascertain exactly what asset was used when and by whom
  • Workflow Management

Where From, Southpaw?

Southpaw Technology was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2005 by Gary Mundell and Remko Noteboom, two veterans of the computer graphics industry. Their business sprung from the founder's experience developing software solutions for Alias/Wavefront and from working on full CG animated feature film projects, broadcast episodic TV animation, feature film visual effects and video game projects.