Vamosa Extends Records Management, eDiscovery Functionality
Not long ago, we discussed Vamosa’s (news, site) work in the Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) field and their new Check and Fix tool.

Recently, the vendor extended its Check and Fix functionality to cater more to eDiscovery and web records management scenarios.

The Perils of Web Governance

Web governance can be tricky, even with a formal approach in place. That’s why we have tools to help us out. Vamosa Check and Fix can be used for multi-domain/multi-author website monitoring and reporting; and fixing issues with compromised standards, that are checked against a set of standard and custom measurement points. They can include HTML standards, compliance, branding and governance.

Check and Fix for eDiscovery and Records Management

Here are some of the highlights of this release:

  • Web content comparison by “crawling” or using an RSS/Atom feed and checking against records in the content database
  • Time stamping as a record of the change for changed content
  • Color-coded user interface with a calendar showing what has changed and when
  • Retrieval of any changed record from the archive

Still Not Sure About Governance and Compliance?

With the rising importance of eDiscovery and organizational need for full (and usable) audit trails, these functionalities should come in handy for control and accountability over your content. For example, for compliance reasons, you may need to store every version of your pages requiring legal control, such as Terms and Conditions.

Vamosa’s Check and Fix is one of the tools on the market that can be used to take a snapshot every time content changes, providing a full audit trail. This version of the tool is sold at an additional license charge based on the volume of content monitored.

In related news, Alfresco notched-up a win today as the first open source document management software to achieve DoD 5015.02 STD certification. See the article Alfresco Achieves DoD 5015.12 Records Management Certification for details.