Vamosa Grabs Another Content Governance Partner
Vamosa's (news, site) been a busy little bee this summer. On top of landing a pretty penny (er, pound) from the Capital for Enterprise Fund and a partnership with SchemaLogic, the enterprise content governance specialists have formed a strategic alliance with Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP). The union is expected to further address ECoG by way of a range of technologies for analyzing, migrating, monitoring and maintaining unstructured content types, such as Web and document content.

The partnership will operate under the belief that most companies don't consider content governance challenges until they launch a migration or consolidation project. Logically, the match works because CTP's individual response is to help companies understand and address these challenges beforehand, while Vamosa offers an integrated suite of products to manage the end-to-end process of maintaining content quality.

"The notion of web and enterprise content governance is gaining more attention within the enterprise," said Vijay Srinivasan, CEO of CTP. The challenge many organizations face today is compliance--or lack of it--with internal and external policies and regulatory standards. While enterprise content tends to be driven by content quality and governance principles, many organizations often end up with content that is not accessible, not cost-controlled and impossible to search.”

Word on the street is that together the two companies will begin by focusing on popular platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, Oracle UCM, IBM Lotus Notes, and Day Software. To keep up with the developments, hang around here.