If you've been following Vamosa (news, site), a company that specializes in the analysis and migration of enterprise content, then you know all about their special feelings for governance and compliance. 

Everyday the importance of regulatory standards grows more and more apparent. In accordance with that, Vamosa has been on a beeline path to help companies find their own personal Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) utopia. This path has recently included Vamosa's Check & Fix feature, a website content monitoring service that automatically fixes errors.

No longer alone in their endeavors, Vamosa recently announced their new partnership with SchemaLogic, an Information Managment software vendor that's certainly no stranger in these parts. Virtual hand in virtual hand, the two companies have founded the ECoG Alliance, and through it will offer a one-stop shop for tools that analyze, cleanse, migrate, monitor and maintain unstructured content types.

As for the motive: “The ability to store, access and share content is integral to the running of an organization but even the best designed content management system can be ruined by poor content quality," said Lowell Anderson, vice president, Marketing, SchemaLogic. "We’ve teamed up with Vamosa to ensure enterprises can obtain a standard of content quality that is built in at the point of creation." And from Nic Archer, senior vice president, Vamosa: "“Partnering with SchemaLogic will allow Vamosa to offer customers improved content governance, thereby improving findability and reducing costs for the enterprise.”