You can never quite escape the high school popularity contest, and that's okay as long as you're on the winning team. Gartner, a technology analyst firm with worldwide accolades, just labeled Vamosa a Cool Vendor in Content Management. Vamosa is a market leader in processing, analysis and content migration. This comes hot behind Vox's acquisition of a Shiny Media award for Best Web 2.0 Innovation, kicking off awards season in the enterprise content management world.Raise an eyebrow at the title "Cool Vendor" if you like, but the expectations are hardly short order. Gartner publishes a report on Cool Vendors in Content Management each year, and special attention is given to ECM labels possessing potential and who demonstrate innovation in the industry. Generally they're themed. This year the focus lay on organizations who can "help people relate better to information by making the information itself smarter." To prove their commitment toward that end, Vamosa's firm includes a rule-based engine that actually is designed to make information smarter. But Vamosa ultimately landed the "Cool Vendor" acknowledgement because they bravely tackle complex, time-consuming problems suffered by enterprises who need an increasingly more competitive ECM solution. Of recent note, their Content Migrator 2.7 received myriad back-pats from moonstruck analysts. They've also taken on: * Content Analysis and evaluation * The new e-Discovery provisions * Metadata Management and Enhancement * Content Migration Vamosa CEO George Knox says, “To be recognised as a Cool Vendor in Content Management by Gartner so early in the growth of the company is testament to the innovative and progressive attitude of the team. At Vamosa we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the Enterprise Content Management community. We will continue to develop our offering to ensure that we remain there." Looks like they mean it. Instead of sitting on their laurels post-victory, Vamosa is preparing for the Content and Collaboration summit in Orlando, hosted by Gartner. There they plan to preview their new solution Themis, an e-Discovery compliance unit that eases the litigation hold process and claims to do wonders with even litigation strain. “The requirements of the e-Discovery market have led to a highly componentized marketplace that still has some gaps in it," says Knox. "Themis is designed to fill these gaps, complementing existing e-Discovery offerings and bringing them together to form one complete e-Discovery solution." Sounds promising. No wonder they're considered such a cool vendor. Vamosa is the market leader in providing software solutions for content analysis and migration, as well as content re-processing. They have offices in Cambridge, MA and Glasgow, UK. Read more about them at the Vamosa website.