Xerox Wants to ScanFlowStore Your Documents
For those of you wistfully dreaming of a day when the copiers would not only copy/fax/scan but also send your precious documents -- your day has finally arrived. Xerox has released ScanFlowStore, a name that is right on the nose, we needn't say more. But we will. Yet again, Xerox proves that it is more than just hardware. ScanFlowStore is a software that allows users to scan hardcopy documents and send them to multiple destinations, such as network servers, document management solutions, email addresses or financial accounting packages like Microsoft Great Plains. The software, developed by a Xerox Business Partner X-Solutions, also connects with legal and financial document management software packages, such as Thomson Elite ProLaw. The scanned files are saved as text-searchable PDFs, making it easy to search and find the hardcopy documents on a network server. ScanFlowStore makes the impossible possible. It gives customers the ability to scan documents directly on a Xerox multifunction machine and digitize them without having to install software on local PCs, since it runs on a central server. And your IT folks will be giddy when they learn that SFS is a middleware application. The users don't see the software when working with it, so they don't need to be trained. Additional highlights of the product include the ability for users to: * Scan documents and select from any of 250 folder destinations on Windows networks * Email the documents to several users and print them to remote locations * Read many standard bar code fonts that are useful for batch scanning Evolving from copiers to document management to CMS, Xerox understands that our needs surpass the usual copy, scan and fax of yesteryear. Xerox sought an opportunity to provide resources for our digital needs, and that ScanFlowStore might just be the copier of our dreams.