Xerox Caters to Small and Mid-Size Companies With New CMS
Evolving from copiers to document management to CMS, Xerox announces the launch of DocuShare Express, a content management solution developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. DocuShare Express includes many of the same features of Xerox’s original DocuShare ECM suite and enables businesses to store, access and share documents and content.Xerox has been playing in DMS and CMS sandboxes for quite some time now, focusing largely on “smart document management.” This CMS offering addresses Xerox’s direct sales and channel requirements to provide an integrated solution to its customers at an affordable price. Some of DocuShare Express’ most prominent features are a simple -- as they say -- installation process and the flexibility to upgrade to other DocuShare platforms: DocuShare or DocuShare CPX.


DocuShare Express offers a variety of imaging and scanning options (but, of course!): * Scan Cover Sheets: A feature that quickly uploads documents to the desired DocuShare folder * Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) connector: A one-step-scan solution included in Xerox multifunction printers used to scan documents directly from the printer into a DocuShare folder. If not a full-fledged CMS, DocuShare Express is more of an electronic filing system for storage, retrieval and sharing of information. The data is stored in web-based folders that can accommodate paper and digital content, such as scanned documents, spreadsheets, MS Word documents, e-mails, blogs and wikis.

Pricing and Availability

The entry-level U.S. price list for DocuShare Express starts at US$ 1,800 for 10 users and 10 read-only seats. It will be available through Xerox direct sales representatives and channel partners. DocuShare Express will be rolled out globally starting in September, 2008. The EIP connector will be available at no cost for DocuShare Express, DocuShare or DocuShare CPX versions 6.0 and above. It will be available for download in September as well. In the meantime, Xerox offers a three-page product brochure to quench the thirst of those inquisitive minds.