XML-Based Content Management Solutions Getting Increased Attention

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With the growing demand for instant delivery of content in a variety of formats via Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices, semantically qualified XML-based content management systems are getting focused scrutiny by developers. The use of structured XML lends itself to isolation and delivery of specific related content. An important consideration for all publishers wishing to maximize delivery of  the data they create, aggregate and disseminate. MarkLogic has partnered with DPCI deliver a new set of XML-based publishing solutions that may just be the answer to many publishers prayers.

A Partnership Grown on XML-Based Content

MarkLogic, makers of MarkLogic Server are banking their product, built specifically for XML-based storage, management, search and dynamic delivery of content, can be leveraged into a powerful multi-format content delivery platform for publishing. 

MarkLogic’s partnership with DPCI, an integrated content management solutions provider hopes to address further refinement of  XML-based content management systems. The two companies have a history of collaborating on products including one that required integration with Amazon's Kindle reading device.

With this partnership, their goal is deeper integration of MarkLogic Server with digital asset management, Web content management, workflow management and multi-channel publishing systems.

Learning Opportunities

“As publishers continue en masse to embrace the Web to deliver more dynamic and engaging user experiences with their content, XML-based standards offer flexible solutions for maximizing content reuse and delivery,” said John Kreisa, director of industry solutions, Mark Logic Corporation. “Together with DPCI, we provide publishers with customized solutions that deliver highly specialized and personalized content across multiple channels and in a wide variety of formats.”

XML-Based Content Publishing Solutions

The MarkLogic/DPCI alliance envisions solutions for:

  • Content placement in user workflows
  • Digital asset distribution systems that automate content delivery
  • Custom publishing applications that maximize content re-use and repurposing
  • Content assembly solutions to integrate content

The hunger for content of all formats will continue to cause a collective growling in the stomach of an insatiable public. The use of personal devices for display of and interaction with that content will keep pace. XML-Based content delivery possesses the inherent flexibility to embrace tomorrows marketplace of digital content products.

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