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  • The Battle for Data Supremacy: The Cost of Ignoring XML

    Though often overlooked, there is in today’s information world a battle in progress, between two views of content. The contenders might be called the “rectangular” or database view and the “hierarchical” or XML view, and they influence virtually every decision related to the computerization of information in society.

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  • SDL's 2009 Financial Results Show Solid Growth, Smart Acquisitions

    2009 separated the companies with solid business models from those whistling in the wind. SDL (news, site) showed it is on the right track with impressive results. Smart Buys Make For Smart Money In what are universally acknowledged as the toughest markets for decades, British-based content management

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  • Mark Logic's XML Server Software Gets a Boost with US$ 12M in Funding

    Content solutions provider, Mark Logic (news, site ) has secured US$ 12.5 million in further venture capital funding to help expand sales and development of its XML server and other products. Grow, Baby, Grow Contrary to a lot of perceived wisdom, venture capital isn't dead.

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  • XML-Based Content Management Solutions Getting Increased Attention

    With the growing demand for instant delivery of content in a variety of formats via Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices, semantically qualified XML-based content management systems are getting focused scrutiny by developers. The use of structured XML lends itself to isolation and delivery of specific related content.

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  • ContentaView 3.6 Makes Information Even More Accessible

    The latest release of XyEnterprise's ContentaView seeks to ensure that information is provided to the right people, at the right time and that the use of that information is carefully tracked. With the web-based distribution capabilities, the need for a lot of hardware may be only a distant memory.ContentaView 3.

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  • XML Content Management Gets into Pricing Per Minute

    DocZone has released a pay-by-the-minute option for its XML content management system. According to Content Wrangler, this enables clients to purchase "blocks of minutes for a fixed per-minute rate." Discounts are available for larger slices of time. Purchased minutes can be shared among users in a DocZone environment.

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