A couple of new product and service announcements at the AIIM Conference this week show Xythos Software's desire to improve their Web 2.0 and Compliance capabilities in both their on-demand and on-premise Document Management Solutions.

Xythos Filer

Unstructured data is a common theme for Content Management vendors these days. That's because it's the most available type of data in an organization. Vendors need to provide solutions that deal with this type of information as easily as possible. Xythos has created a product called the Xythos Filer. It works in conjunction with the Xythos Enterprise Document Suite to classify documents and declare records for storage in it's web-based repository. Using the Filer, organizations can distribute the means to "capture and classify information to better meet compliance requirements...". The use of multifunction printers to help get these documents into content management systems like Xythos also pose the need for easy and safe ways for employees to upload and manage information. The Xythos Filer is designed to help make this process simple and effective.

On-Demand Service Improvements

We are also starting to see a greater move to on-demand solutions for content management, including document management. The quality of Xythos on Demand is clearly shown by its inclusion in KMWorld’s 100 Companies that Matter. To improve on their current SaaS model, Xythos is enhancing workflow functionality that will help better automate common business processes. In addition, customers can now upload their own logos to the service to use -- enabling a more customized presentation of their services.

MFP Connector Solutions

Built for both their on-premise and on-demand solutions, Xythos is introducing a number of new connector solutions for the Ricoh's line of MFPs. These connectors are designed to integrate tightly with the document management services to ensure security and compliance requirements are carefully met. “Organizations are constantly looking for better ways to capture and track information in today’s regulated environments,” said Ed Miller chief executive officer of Xythos. “Whether that process begins when a contract is scanned or a new concept is shared in a Wiki customers need a common method to store and manage the results.” If you were lucky enough to attend the AIIM conference, you likely got the chance to see these improvements in person. If you weren't, you have the opportunity to evaluate these new upgrades before you buy them. In either case, all the information you need is on their website.