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As Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) continues to gain momentum in the content management space, a growing crowd of vendors is flocking to wire their products to MOSS or paper over its rough edges with MOSS-trimming programs.One such company is ZyLAB whose newest product, ZyIMAGE Archive Services for SharePoint Software, uses everyone's favorite extensible markup language (XML) to provide a robust foundation for archival and long-term storage of information. Perhaps the biggest win from the integration of ZyIMAGE and SharePoint is in one Microsoft's most famous soft spots -- search. ZyIMAGE handles all the indexing of content on behalf of SharePoint and provides an easy-to-use interface for search and retrieval. Johannes Scholtes, President of ZyLAB's North American operation, stated that while SharePoint is great solution for team collaboration, after a project winds down, many users need to take the information out of SharePoint and store it in an open and sustainable format. According to Scholtes, "all information in the [SharePoint] project can be exported to the ZyIMAGE storage, indexed and made searchable.” Understanding that SharePoint is used in many different ways across multiple enterprises, ZyIMAGE hopes to satisfy as many different sets of requirements as possible by providing five types of integration: * Move from SharePoint: Option to move documents in SharePoint to ZyIMAGE and replace the document with a link to the document in ZyIMAGE * Search: Search within the SharePoint interface in the ZyIMAGE Webserver and view the results within SharePoint * Move to SharePoint: Find a document in ZyIMAGE and copy/move this document to SharePoint * Meta Storage: Store all the key fields in SharePoint and the document in ZyIMAGE * Dynamic Link: Make it possible to add a search in ZyIMAGE to a record in SharePoint Though it may seem that there is a new add-on or extension for SharePoint appearing every day, ZyLAB hopes its 20 years of industry experience and 350,000 worldwide users will make its solution the first choice for enterprises who are looking to beef up their back end. If you love the user interface provided by SharePoint but are less then enamored with the storage and search capabilities, then ZyIMAGE is definitely worth a look.