If you happen to be in London in the next two weeks, drop by the Adam Street members club for the latest of Squiz's "Best Practice" seminars. On Thursday the 26th the OSS aficionados will be regaling open ears with an exclusive called "How to SEO Like a Pro." For a small taste of what type of information you may glean, check out our recent article on SEO and CMS deployment best practices. The seminar is orchestrated for marketing and IT pros in addition to corporate webmasters seeking to get a grip on SEO without heart-stopping invoices from a streetwise consultant. Learn the financial and practical benefits of making good with ambiguous search engine algos at the core: through your website's page production methodology instead of via typical, but counterintuitive, middleman solutions.Applicable components of the seminar include:* Instruction on producing Google sitemaps* Creating effective URLs and logical site navigation* Practical page naming* Tips on linking* A breakdown on metadata schemasBut what good is talk without case studies? Squiz will divulge how clients like Premier Holidays, Future Publishing and the Bunker use MySource Matrix to outperform competitors on major search engines like Google and MSN. Additionally, attendees get a Best Practices white paper detailing the top 20 SEO hints and tips, an invaluable resource for those looking OSS-ward with the hope of ranking well on a Google organic search.To lend perspective on implementing MySpace Matrix in your own enterprise framework, Squiz will hold a demonstration on the latest release, v3.12. Designed as an SEO "killer app," the goal with v3.12 is to provide users with easy-to-use tools that will help them both conquer their own websites and Google on their own turf, without spending serious dosh on outside help.Finally, no seminar is complete without the networking aspect. Ample opportunities to get smart with other professionals are built-in from breakfast to lunch.In a related article published by CMSWire last November, Squiz executive Roger Warner the London-based Squiz seminar kick-off with a helpful description of Web 2.0 and its applicability to enterprise content management.To get more info about the seminar or to register, hit the Squiz SEO seminar subsite.Sydney-based Squiz proffers premier open source CMS aid with MySource Matrix. MySource Matrix clients are global and multi-faceted. Some familiar names include the Australian Federal Government, Warner Music and Future Publishing. Learn more about Squiz at your leisure.