Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

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November Events

November 14 - 15 (Chicago): Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit Chicago 2013

This will be the 4th annual summit with 300+ industry leaders gathering at this prestigious event. 95% of attendees at the 2012 event rated the content as 'good to excellent.'

November 14 - 15 (San Francisco): Cooper U's Design Leadership San Francisco 2013

Ever had an innovative and beautiful idea that never saw the light of day? Feel like your organization believes in the value of design, but prioritizes deadlines over fully developed ideas? These are symptoms of unhealthy communication and collaboration. If you feel frustrated, alone, or powerless, we can introduce you to principles and practices that will give you more influence over the outcomes of your interactions with others.

November 17 - 22 (Orlando): OpenText Enterprise World Orlando 2013

The world just got a lot bigger and you want to be at the center of it. This year’s conference is about the Power of Information. How to discover, control, secure, and unleash it so that you can be remarkable – in your role, in your organization, and in your industry.

November 18 - 19 (London): Sustainable Brands London Conference

Sustainable Brands is an international community of learning and action focused on understanding and leveraging the role of brands in shaping a flourishing future. The Sustainable Brands Conference is ground zero for sustainability, brand and innovation professionals who come together from around the world to be inspired, engaged and equipped to succeed by building the better brands of tomorrow, while building a network of like minded colleagues who can help.

November 19 - 20 (Arlington): Cyber Education Symposium Arlington 2013

The Cyber Education Symposium, November 19-20, 2013 in Arlington, VA, offers a rare opportunity for the brightest minds from the government (.gov), the private sector (.com), and the educational community (.edu) to convene and discuss trends and challenges in cybersecurity education. The Symposium will provide a forum to identify new ways of thinking about the problem, exchange best practices, and forge a pathway forward that leverages the full resources of our nation’s leadership.

November 19 - 20 (London): The Social Media Results, PR & Comms Conference London 2013

Fresh, Advanced Engagement & Content Techniques Which Influence Key Audiences & Maximise Social Media ROI For PR & Comms.

November 19 - 21 (Amsterdam): SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013

This established conference will offer SharePoint Developers, Infrastructure Specialists, Architects, IT Managers, Business and Power Users sessions about SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 delivered by SharePoint and Office 365 MVP's, expert independent trainers & authors as well as Microsoft Professionals.

November 19 - 22 (San Francisco): Cooper's UX Boot Camp San Francisco 2013

Cooper’s UX Boot Camp is an intensive, immersive four-day design training class targeting designers, developers and product managers who have product design experience but want to take their product design skills and processes to the next level. In short, it’s where people become design leaders. Guided by industry experts, students will learn Cooper’s goal-directed design process while working on a real-world product. The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams.

November 19 - 22 (San Francisco): Google Analytics Training Course San Francisco 2013

Eric Fettman, industry veteran and instructor at E-Nor’s Google Analytics University, brings their new four-day training program to San Francisco Tuesday, Nov. 19 – Friday, Nov. 22, 2013. This immersive, hands-on, outcome-focused curriculum for effective Google Analytics implementation, reporting and data-driven decisions teaches the skills necessary to increase sales, leads, and visitor satisfaction.

November 20 (Online): Webinar: How to Improve Your Digital Governance (Nov 20)

Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables you to develop a digital governance methodology that meets the needs of both IT and Marketing. Say goodbye to disjointed processes and seemingly endless digital project roadblocks. In this webinar, we will review how you can use Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

November 20 - 22 (Boston): Ultimate Developer Event Boston 2013

Ultimate Developer Event (UDE) is a brand-new conference focused on bringing developers of all types together for two days of inspiration, education, and fun. This conference is perfect for developers of consumer and business apps, front-end or back-end engineers, mobile app developers, information architects, open-source contributors, students, startup founders, hackers, and anyone else who believes technology is going to save the universe.

November 21 (San Diego): iStrategy San Diego 2013

Join North America's most forward-thinking marketers as they converge on San Diego in November 2013 to discuss the future of marketing and share strategies for improving customer engagement, driving conversions and developing campaigns that positively ring with authenticity, relevancy and significance.

November 21 - 22 (Mumbai): BYTE into BIG Data SUMMIT Mumbai 2013

The BYTE into BIG Data Summit 2013 is dedicated to issues and challenges related to the analysis, protection and storage of massive amounts of data in the organization, including big data, data types, data science, advanced analytics, machine learning, hadoop, data viz, natural language processing, virtualization, architecture, cloud and consumer insight.

November 27 (London): The Advanced Email Conference - Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact

Maximum-Performance, Customer Centric Email Strategies Which Cut-Through, Stand-Out & Add To The Bottom Line With Engaging, Targeted Emails, Optimised For Multi-Channel Success.

December Events

December 2 - 3 (Melbourne): Customer Loyalty Melbourne 2013

The Customer Loyalty Summit has been developed in collaboration with industry experts for external customer professionals to benchmark against current best practice and the strategies behind loyalty programs

December 2 - 4 (Vienna): Hadoop-Driven Digital Preservation Vienna 2013

The SCAPE Project and OPF are running a hackathon for developers and practitioners, focussing on Hadoop, an open source software framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. Hadoop is designed to scale out from single servers to thousands of machines.

December 3 - 4 (San Diego): Interactivity Digital San Diego 2013 #IDSoCal

After heating up South Beach with the hottest digital marketing event of 2013 earlier this year, we’re heading out west to do it all again this December. Interactivity Digital will drop anchor in America’s Finest City on Dec. 3-4 with an unforgettable lineup of speakers, sessions and networking events like no other. Don’t miss your chance to attend the industry’s top boutique conference.

December 3 - 5 (Boston): Gilbane Conference Boston 2013

The Gilbane Conference brings together industry experts, content managers, marketers, marketing technologists, technology and executive strategists to share experiences and explore the most effective technologies and approaches to help enterprises build agile, sustainable digital experiences.

December 3 - 5 (London): Big Data and Analytics Utilities London 2013

The inaugural Big Data & Analytics for Utilities summit, taking place 3 – 5 December 2013 in London, is the industry forum where experts from the utility sector will address how you can turn information from smart meters, structured and unstructured data into meaningful operational and consumer insights.

December 3 - 5 (London): Code Mesh 2013: The Alternative Programming Conference London 2013

Join us on 3rd-5th December in London for one day of training and two days of expert talks on non-mainstream technologies in the software industry. You will meet the inventors and users of the most innovative languages and technologies of the moment. IT architects, software developers and project managers from different programming worlds will exchange their experience and gain new insights for picking “the right tool for the job”.

December 3 - 5 (London): Inside Out 2013

InsideOut 2013 is the first meeting focussed on the challenges of social transformation, led by the organisations making the change. This isn’t a discussion of how brilliantly processes are working, and sugar coated success stories. This mseeting is about the real war stories. The challenges. The failures. The improvements. The gradual process of change.

December 3 - 6 (Dallas): Google Analytics Training Course Dallas 2013

Eric Fettman, industry veteran and instructor at E-Nor’s Google Analytics University, brings their new four-day training program to Dallas Tuesday, Dec. 3 – Friday, Dec. 6, 2013. This immersive, hands-on, outcome-focused curriculum for effective Google Analytics implementation, reporting and data-driven decisions teaches the skills necessary to increase sales, leads, and visitor satisfaction.

December 3 - 6 (San Francisco): Cooper U's Interaction Design Training San Francisco 2013

Participants will learn to plan and conduct user research using powerful ethnographic techniques, distinguish what users say they want from what they really need, translate your observations into personas, goals, and scenarios, develop and prioritize requirements based on user and business goals and quickly turn requirements into a concrete product concept

December 4 - 5 (London): Corporate Social Media Summit Europe 2013

The Corporate Social Media Summit is your one-stop-shop for all the latest social media insight and best practice. It gives you a 360 degree look into building, operationalizing and initiating a successful social media strategy at your company.

December 7 (London): Tata Social Enterprise Conference London 2013

Now in its third year, the conference is brought to you by Tata and NACUE on Saturday December 7th 2013. You'll be taken on a journey to engage with innovative ideas, trends, and people within social enterprise - forward thinkers who are creating better solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems.

December 8 - 10 (Utah): Digiday Brand Summit Utah 2013

Innovation at Scale: Silicon Valley is rightly celebrated as the home of technological innovation. The advances spawned there have changed how consumers live -- and how they interact with brands. For marketers, the challenge is not just how to adapt to these changes, but how to take pages from the playbook of Silicon Valley in order to spark innovation within their own organizations.

December 9 - 10 (Toronto): Data Marketing Toronto 2013

Technology and data enable marketers to deliver communications that are much more relevant through effective micro-segmentation, sentiment analysis, behavior prediction and personalization. However, given the excessive volume and extremely diverse nature of the content, companies are sometimes unsure about how to proceed with their data in order to turn it into actionable insight. DATA MARKETING 2013 will address these challenges with a unique approach.

December 9 - 11 (Hong Kong): Harnessing the Power of Gamification in Your Marketing Strategy Hong Kong 2013

Harnessing the Power of Gamification is a conference that will leave you thinking about the way you engage with customers, employees and stakeholders. This conference will bring together leading thinkers and deployers from the world of Gamification to showcase the power of engaging design and demonstrate how you can apply these new techniques to transform your organisation’s marketing and branding strategies.

December 10 - 11 (Dallas): Dallas Digital Summit 2013

Dallas Digital Summit is a premier digital strategies forum with a goal of educating and promoting forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing. Presented by TechMedia, the leading producer of regional digital forums in the United States, serving thousands of digital professionals every year.

December 10 - 11 (Universal City): DevCon5 Universal City 2013

DevCon5 provides you with the information and tools you need to exploit the capabilities of revolutionary HTML5 technology. Learn from Adobe, Microsoft, and other top names, while networking with your colleagues and community. Spend two days immersed in HTML5 topics, including; user experience design and security, building new business models for the Mobile Web, browser compatibility with HTML5 and more. Sessions are hands-on and demonstrate how to write code that makes the user’s screen come alive.

December 16 - 18 (Mysore): Second International Conference on Big Data Analytics Mysore 2013

Streaming data, social media content, electronic medical records, astronomy surveys, genomic and proteomic studies and similar areas are generating data at a scale that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage using traditional database technologies. The scale of such data pose significant challenges for analytics, going beyond what can be supported by conventional data, storage and retrieval models.

January Events

January 14 - 17 (Anaheim): Empower 2014 - Laserfiche Institute Conference Anaheim

At Empower 2014, you’ll learn about the features and functionality of the full Laserfiche product line, and you’ll also learn how to drive change and business value throughout your organization. The agenda features more than 150 educational sessions that are driven by customer feedback and tailored to help you make the most of your current Laserfiche system while learning everything you need to know to plan for tomorrow.

January 26 - 30 (Orlando): IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando

No matter what you do in life, it should energize you. It should fulfill you, engage you and give you purpose each day. Your work should inspire you and fill you with a sense of pride. That’s why the theme of Connect 2014 is Energizing Life’s Work, and is all about providing you insight, tools and thought leadership to help you get the most out of your life’s work.

January 28 (San Francisco): Mobile+Web DevCon: San Francisco 2014

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is excited to host Mobile+Web DevCon 2014, now in its fourth installment. This will be DevCon’s third time in San Francisco - and we’re excited to be back!
Mobile+Web DevCon features a day of pre-conference hands-on labs, three-hour sessions dedicated to helping you build better and more beautiful apps. Two more days of general conference sessions bring you the latest in iOS, Android and Mobile Web and Web Development. We’ll also be featuring a new Design for Developers track to help you master design fundamentals including UX and UI.

January 28 - 30 (Haarlem): European Office365 Connect 2014

The European Office 365 Connect 2014 conference, produced by NC Communications Ltd,(owners of SharePoint Connections Amsterdam) are bringing some of the very best Microsoft and independent Office 365 speakers to Haarlem, The Netherlands.

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