Gilbane Group, The Case for Multilingual Content Strategies
Following up on its latest study on how global businesses need to actively create, manage and publish multilingual content, the Gilbane Group is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 24, at 2 p.m. EST. The webinar is dedicated to helping companies develop enterprise strategies that are crucial for creating, managing and publishing multilingual business communications. Considering the global marketplace that rapidly abounds, such strategies are vital to companies, as without them they face significant risk and loss of competitive advantage; especially, given the increasing pressures to grow revenues, control costs and satisfy customers worldwide. Throughout the webinar, the Gilbane Group, with help from SDL, a company providing globalization and localization solutions, aims to provide guidance and share insights during an online panel discussion focused on making the case for multilingual content strategies. The webinar draws on Gilbane research and real-world experience of SDL’s customers. You will benefit from hearing how other managers have built business cases, justified investments to executives and realized successes. You'll learn about: * Business drivers, ROI and metrics from Gilbane’s new study "Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative" * Business cases based on added value, not just cost savings * Technologies and services that contribute to success * Next steps towards mapping out a business case that will get executive attention We must add that SDL is a parent company of SDL Tridion, a Web CMS vendor that prides itself in the area of global content management. Speakers featured include Mary Laplante, senior analyst at Gilbane, and Andrew Thomas, global information management evangelist at SDL. Register today and better organize your multilingual content tomorrow.