Google to Slide Broadband Cable Under Pacific Ocean

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The web's abuzz: Communications Day recently drew attention to Google's plans to set a broadband cable under the Pacific Ocean.The "Unity" project is slated for completion in '09.Unity was first revealed at a Singapore conference in September, when Level 3's Mike Saunders cited it as one of several new cables intended to span the Pacific. While a route hasn't yet been identified, it is speculated that the cable will run two routes for network security.The effort is a partnership between Google and several unnamed telecom companies. Unity's multi-terabit cable ownership will give it major cost leverage amongst other competitors transmitting data across the Pacific.The move may put Google in direct competition with Verizon, which is currently involved in a partnership with Asian carriers to build a cable between the US and China.Naturally, Verizon also expressed unhappiness with Google's aggressive bid for the wireless spectrum up for auction this January 16 in the States. (Incidentally, iPhone lovers, Apple's looking to bid too.) Google's bid totals over US$ 4.6 billion, according to MarketingVox.Barry Schnitt of Google did not confirm or deny Google's participation in Unity, though he did note that "[additional] infrastructure for the internet is good for users and there are a number of proposals to add a Pacific submarine cable." For those still in doubt about Google's palm-rubbing scheme, the search giant actively sought a submarine cable negotiator in job ads earlier this year.Communications Day reports the Unity cable has already enjoyed several months of development.