Sustaining the growth that has powered the company since its inception, CrownPeak Technology, the leader in software service web content management, today announced that it has doubled the number of live web sites on the system from the first quarter of 2003 to the first quarter of 2004. Editor's Note: "Software Service Web Content Management" is otherwise known as Hosted CMS. ...I believe it was Nielson who verified that such "marketese" actually reduces comprehension of core subject matter by over 25%. Now it its fourth year in business, CrownPeak has posted a 90 percent compound annual growth rate since its founding. Revenue for the first four months of 2004 increased by more than 100 percent when compared with the same period in 2003, indicating accelerated growth from already high historical levels. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased from 11 percent to 26 percent for the same period, reflecting the efficiency of the software services model. “We’re continuing to prove that not only is the software service model viable, it’s superior,” said Jim Howard, CEO, CrownPeak. “We have highly predictable costs and highly predictable revenue. That, along with the efficiency of the delivery model, is the best recipe we know for sustained high profitability.” Read more.