Last Tuesday the fellas at CMS Watch released the ECM Suites Report, a comprehensive tool for helping enterprise teams make informed decisions about what kind of helpful technology is out yonder. With data derived from 30 ECM vendors across five continents, the results yield information both surprising -- and, well, less so.CMS Watch reports that among the most interesting findings was the degree of dislocation between large vendors that, in efforts to keep up with the ECM joneses, are less stable than their brand equity might suggest. Consider Oracle's enigma-shrouded Stellent deal or Day's competitive tap-dance with SharePoint. Check the ECM Suites Report out for yourself. We strongly suggest purchasing the Team Use edition, which enables up to 12 users to access one copy for US$ 2950. A complete site license costs US$ 4500. And if these prices have got you all clammy, don't fret -- the site gives users access to a 45-page sample.