Alpine Data Labs Offers Browser-based Predictive Analytics for Hadoop

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Alpine Data Labs has announced Alpine 2.8, a new predictive analytics platform that work with Hadoop - straight from your browser.

If your company is typical, it’s thriving in this age of Big Data. You’ve found Predictive Analytics to bea cakewalk. Your marketing department knows exactly which promotion to push at precisely whichcustomer at what time of day, to the second. And your inventory managers know which products tostore at which warehouse so that just-in-time replenishment actually happens just in time. Everythingtruly is just off the truck, just out of the oven, just off the vine...and so on.

Your CEO is as pleased as Martha Stewart on Pinterest. Big Data has truly lived up to its promise ofimproving operations, capitalizing on new opportunities and driving new revenue.

NOT. Or not yet, anyway.

“Big Data is really, really hard,” says Steven Hillion, Chief Product Officer of Alpine Data Labs, whosemission it is to provide its customers with a reliable, cost-effective way to apply predictive analytics toBig Data.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” he adds.

Leveraging Hadoop for Predictive Analytics

And it’s with that thought in mind that Alpine Data Labs is today introducing Alpine 2.8, the industry’sfirst predictive analytics platform that leverages the full power of Hadoop, enabling enterprises to finallyharness the promise of Big Data. With this advance, Alpine 2.8 users will be able to perform end-to-end analytics on combined data from Hadoop and relational databases, all from the ease of their webbrowser.

This should spell a welcome relief to the large number of companies and other organizations who admitto be struggling with setting up big data infrastructures and/or working with samples that must beextracted from the Hadoop file system; Alpine Data Labs’ solutions are in-database.

But that’s far from the only win, companies who use Alpine 2.8 might be free of the burden of tryingto hire staff with the sophisticated statistical and coding development skills Hadoop requires. “Theymay not have to write a single line of code,” says Arshak Navruzyan , Alpine’s Vice President of ProductManagement. “We make the promise of Big Data more accessible,” he adds.

Learning Opportunities

And because using Alpine 2.8 is as easy as opening a browser, everyone from business analysts and dataengineers can participate in predictive analytics and work together to share workflow and analyses andto discover important insights.

The promise of Big Data becomes less of a dream and more real.

Alpine 2.8 Highlights

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining on Hadoop

Provides end-to-end analytics workflows on data from Hadoop. Offers predictive modeling, data transformation and visualization of Hadoop datasets. Users cangenerate insights by performing statistical analyses and building scalable modelson massive datasets without writing a line of code, using an intuitive interface. 

A Data Agnostic Approach to Analytics

Draw upon data from multiple sources, including HDFS and MPP databases.Explore tables and files without complex and time-consuming data movement,infer structure automatically and combine data from multiple sources. Use asingle workbench and a common set of scalable operators that apply equally toHadoop and relational data.

Expanded Web-Based Functionality

The web-based functionality greatly expands the product capabilities to offerfull modeling and workflow creation capabilities with an improved look andfeel. It simplifies workflow editing, provides full data browsing and visualization capabilities, and provides an accessible framework for the entire team to collaborate on advanced analytics.

Broadest Database Support

Alpine 2.8 supports databases Greenplum, Oracle 11g, Oracle Exadata, Netezza, DB2, and PostgreSQL. The Hadoop supported platforms are Apache Hadoop 0.20.2+, Greenplum GPHD 1.0+, and Cloudera CDH3.