Alteryx and Tableau Big Data Insights
Drum this into your head: Big Data insights lead to better decision making. Big Data insights lead to better decision making. Big Data … 

But getting strategic insight from Big Data is no easy task.

To do so, business analysts and data scientists typically start with incomplete data sets that need to be cleaned and modeled, often several times over, before sophisticated analytical processing such as regression analysis or location analysis can be applied. Results are then ideally displayed through visualization tools which business executives most often require because they make it easier to make important decisions.

Up until now this has been an expensive and time-consuming process during which more time and money is spent on the back-end rather than on discovering insights and exploring options. Needless to say a better approach is in order.

And today that better approach has arrived.

Introducing Alteryx For Visual Analytics

Alteryx, the leading provider of Strategic Analytics, is introducing Alteryx For Visual Analytics. The new solution tightly integrates Alteryx's software with Tableau’s visualization capabilities to provide line of business decision makers with the information they need to gain large-scale insights without intervention from IT or data scientists.

It’s a big promise, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Priced at just under US$ 3000 (US$ 2495 per license per year), Alteryx says that it’s within reach of most every data analyst.

The idea behind Alteryx For Visual Analytics isn’t just that it saves time and money in the way that many of us think about it (fewer expensive data scientist and IT workers are required), but that it also eliminates time wasted while work requests for data sets sit in company pipelines and automates much of the grunt work. Not only that, but through the tight integration with Tableau, visualizations can be created in a jiffy. As a result, business analysts can spend more time uncovering business opportunities and less time preparing and displaying data.

At the end of the day, business executives can get the results that they need, presented in a visually appealing manner so that they can make decisions immediately. And in a real-time economy, that is a must.

Speeding the Time from Data to Insight to Action

If it works as promised, Alteryx For Visual Analytics should greatly reduce the time to needed to move from data to insight to action.

Alteryx for Visual Analytics also provides:

  • Deeper and more granular spatial analytics for geo- and map-based visualizations in Tableau
  • Rapid creation and iteration of sophisticated data and analytic workflows, as well as visualization, with no coding or specialist tools required as the underlying data changes or is updated
  • Predictive analytics based on the R programming language, with simple drag-and-drop tools to enable more sophisticated business analysis in Tableau
  • Direct output of analytics to the Tableau Data Extract format, further shortening the time and lowering the cost of using Tableau to explore and visualize the data.

This presents a big breakthrough and a big opportunity for companies and organizations of all sizes because it democratizes big data several ways: first, with Alteryx, business users don’t have to sit in line waiting for IT’s attention or playing with data in Excel or Access to get the right analytical dataset; second, it’s affordable; and third, sophisticated data insights can be discovered in short order.

It is said that the companies who use their data best will win the future. Alteryx For Data Analytics just may be the ticket.

Title image courtesy of Sergey Nivens (Shutterstock)