Enterprise software solution-based company Attunity has announced that its cloud service CloudBeam has moved from a Private Beta into Public Beta and incorporates two data movement services: upload to cloud and replication between cloud regions.

Attunity, is a company that creates software solutions which focus on such subjects as data replication, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity. The partnership with Amazon isn't a new one, as it was initially announced upon the creation of the CloudBeam service in July.


What is Attunity CloudBeam?

Attunity CloudBeam is a service that helps business monitor certain initiatives such as big data, analytics, disaster recovery and content availability. The CloudBeam service, aims to make the transfer of large amounts data through the cloud system an easier and more convenient process for its users.

“Attunity CloudBeam helps users realize the promise of cloud computing by alleviating the Big Data bottleneck and infrastructure maintenance challenges,” said Matt Benati, VP Global Marketing at Attunity. “We are excited to move into public beta and offer Attunity CloudBeam to an even broader audience.”

What Does this Change Offer Users?

Attunity has added three services to  the public beta section CloudBeam that are only available from the private beta service: 

  • the ability to manage file transfers from the cloud service
  • the ability to upload a cloud automation application
  • the ability to replicate files to the cloud

Other key features that are offered from Attunity CloudBeam include:

  • Automation: Users not only have access to an application level automation, but can also schedule and synchronize data transfer processes on either in a particular pattern or in continuous synchronization.
  • Acceleration: Users are able to move quickly and easily, large files to, from and between different clouds.
  • Manageability: Users are able to manage when data is moved without having to worry about building or maintaining a cloud infrastructure.
  • Reliability: File transfers are not only guaranteed to reach their destination, but are audited and easily recoverable.
  • Security: To ensure a top-notch level of security, all transfer and subsequent data files are encrypted.