First off, we know that the division of EMC which owns Documentum is actually called IIG, or the Information Intelligence Group. At least until now that is.Tweets from IIG’s partner pep rally, held earlier this week, reveal that the division, which most simply call Documentum, will now be named the Enterprise Content Division.This has been confirmed by a conference attendee.

So now it’s EMC ECD, got it? If not, no worries, just keep calling it Documentum. The new names never seem to stick.

The name change must have come at the last minute. The conference hashtag #IIGReady15 certainly suggests that.And though one of EMC IIG’s partners tried to honor the division’s new name with an updated hashtag -- #ECDReady15 -- no one picked up on it.

Not a Dry Eye

But that wasn’t the only change we’ve become aware of this week (via Twitter, of course). It seems that IIG President Rick Devenuti is being replaced by Rohit Ghai who will now lead EMC IIG ECD.

Tough Act to Follow

While we don’t know the circumstances behind Devenuti’s departure,when he took the job he inherited a huge mess from his predecessor Mark Lewisand ushered in a new era for Documentum, one in which customers seem to love rather than curse the enterprise content management product.

Not only that, but Devenuti also productized solutions around the Documentum platform for various industry verticals (like Oil and Gas, Energy, Life Sciences, and Quality and Manufacturing among others), started IIG on a journey toward the third platform, and was at the helm as EMC acquired Syncplicity.

It’s safe to say, that by many measures, he’s leaving Documentum in a better place than he found it.

It’s our understanding that EMC IIG COO, Rohit Ghai, will now take the helm and that he’ll be facing a huge challenge: namely to raise ECD’s performance to the same level as EMC’s other divisions.

Learning Opportunities

Get ready to see a lot of marketing.

Pressure Is On

EMC has, after all, been under quite a bit of pressure to improve its financial performance -- Elliott Management which holds an influencing interest in the company has been rather vocal about it.

There are those who have certainly questioned whether EMC and Documentum belong together, but at EMC World in Las Vegas last May, David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure which holds Documentum, insisted that they do. Not only that, but he indicated that IIG was highly profitable.

Whether its size and profitability within EMC delights Elliott Management, which brought two directors to EMC’s board earlier this month, has yet to be seen.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more information.

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