EntropySoft Connects Twitter, Enterprise Content Management Repositories
Leaving aside issues around the question as to whether you should be archiving information contained on Twitter -- considering the amount of nonsense that can be found in the twitter-verse -- EntropySoft (news, site) has added a connector to its Content Hub that will enable enterprises to archive that content.

With Twitter now a daily tool for information professionals and problems around e-Discovery common, the Twitter (news, site) connector from EntropySoft now enables people to search Twitter for key words relating to a particular subject or company, take that information and place it in the repository of an enterprise content management system.

Twitter Connector

The connector works with all the repositories that EntropySoft has developed partnerships with already, so users can now take Twitter content and add it to repositories in SharePoint, Documentum, IBM’s FileNET P8, Interwoven TeamSite and Alfresco, among others.

As a result, any content on Twitter can be gathered and added to any of the information or enterprises processes that already exist. EntropySoft says that, like its other connectors, it can be up and running quickly too.

With this new Twitter connector, we are now extending our product offering to micro-blogging and social networks. These popular new forms of online communication carry risks for companies because the content is discoverable, just like email and any other electronically stored information. EntropySoft now has the technology to add Twitter to corporate retention policies," Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft said.

The connector can retrieve content and metadata from:

  • Designated Twitter accounts
  • Retweets from an account, the account holder, or sent to the account holder
  • Account followers
  • Tweets mentioning the accounts name

In addition, tweets can be searched using content, date or author.

Content Hub

Earlier this year, EntropySoft upgraded its content hub with the release of v5 that made synchronization of enterprise management content systems much easier.

Although the challenge of synchronization has been bad enough with on-premise enterprise CMS, the increasing number of enterprise applications that are now located in the cloud has made this more difficult.

Add to that all the social media tools and there are enough problems to keep even the most assiduous information manager busy.

With the Twitter connector, EntropySoft has started tackling problems created by content in social media, and while this one is available now, it seems far too big a problem -- and market -- to stop with Twitter.