Our contributing experts continued to hammer our their predictions for 2011 this week, covering our most favorite acronyms -- ECM and WCM -- as well as intranet trends and our future ability to predict the future (spoiler: outlook not good). 

  • David Hillis' 10 Predictions for Web Content Management in 2011. 2010 has been the year web content management 1.0 officially and finally died. And with its death came a lot of changes for the industry. But what will 2011 bring? Even more changes,many that will bring us all back to the basics. 

  • The Enterprise in 2011: We Are Disruption. Our ability to predict the future is getting worse by the day. The increasing rate of change means that we can only set our direction and respond to what happens. It may be that this inability for us to predict the future will actually help us focus on developing our vision and making it come true.

  • Can Intranet 2.0 Ever Keep up with Internet 2.0?. We love our Facebook profile, our Twitter account and our gmail account. We also love that almost daily it seems these apps provide something new to try. Now why can't we get the same features and functionality from our company's intranet?

  • The nature of software development has changed beyond all recognition in recent years, in no small part as a result of the world wide web. Developing websites has changed almost everything that has ever been taught about more traditional, often application focused, development. One aspect, software releases and versions, has been particularly transformed. Gone are the days when software was released on, at best, a yearly cycle. Gone is the anticipation and count down to ‘a new release’ of your favorite software (well, almost).

  • Toby Ward's 5 Intranet Predictions for 2011. What can we expect to happen with our intranets in 2011? From the continued dominance of SharePoint to the low budgets set aside for intranet development, here are Toby's 5 intranet predictions for 2011.

  • Joe Shepley on Enterprise CMS Trends for 2011: A Business-Centric View. You've heard many predictions on enterprise content management in 2011 from the tools and technology perspective. Now let's step back and examine what's to come from a business-centric perspective.

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