In the last year, advancements in e-Discovery have focused on maintaining, managing and mining data in a way that not only promotes collecting, reviewing and archiving, but advances amidst emerging technologies. There a few key elements that defined e-Discovery in 2010.

Cloud Computing

Moving your data to the cloud is one thing, managing it there is another. In 2010, bringing e-Discovery to the cloud became much more manageable in terms of cost and control. Like other trending solutions, some companies may have been quick to jump the cloud without considering governance and compliance issues.

Yet, thanks to vendors who now offer functionality that gives corporate and outside counsel the flexibility and control needed to manage and review data efficiently, companies can appropriately satisfy regulatory and judicial expectations.

Enterprise Search

Companies learned how to find what they were looking for in 2010.

By implementing enterprise search functionality into their e-Discovery platforms, companies were able to employ search engine friendly interfaces that actually work to query results relevant to the context of data.

Enterprise search doesn’t just simplify searches, it provides reliable results that are defendable.

Social Media Challenges

No matter how much they tried to ignore it, companies realized that it was futile to avoid incorporating social media into their e-Discovery policies. Managing data from third party platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, proved difficult in 2010. 

Vendors saw this evolution as an opportunity to provide support for managing a variety of electronic content -- from emails to instant messenger, SharePoint to social media -- using the single repository.

2010 may have laid the groundwork for 2011, so that companies can start managing what they implemented. Many vendors will begin to evolve alongside companies as they begin to understand how innovative technologies influence the policies and guidelines that govern their information.

Next up, we take some time to look at some e-Discovery trends and predictions. Watch for that article tomorrow.